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31 dezembro 2014

Incredible nature!

We often underestimate the loving nature and intelligence of animals....
A female red squirrel adopting an orphan baby from an abandoned nest; although squirrels rarely interact, they learn who their nearby relatives are by hearing their unique calls. If they fail to hear a relative’s calls for a few days, they may investigate and rescue orphans.

29 dezembro 2014

Courageous Teen Risks His Life To Save Drowning Baby Deer (PHOTOS)

This is pretty incredible.

A wildlife photographer visiting Noakhali, Bangladesh, was able to witness -- and document -- an amazingly courageous teen risk his own life to save a drowning fawn, Caters News Service reports.

The boy waded into the fast current of a surging, swollen river in Noakhali, holding the deer above his head, even as he, himself, disappeared beneath the water at times.
deer saved
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baby deer saved
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Photographer Hasib Wahab said onlookers were worried the boy might drown in the dramatic attempt.
"My friend was even ready to jump into the river to save the boy," Wahab said, according to Grind TV. "But he made it, and when he returned, we thanked the boy. There were only five to seven people observe this situation but it was a phenomenal sight."
This is not the first time a deer has gotten itself into trouble. In the midst of the Black Forest Fire in El Paso County, Colo., last summer, a firefighter was spotted rescuing a baby deer from the oncoming flames.
In a similar situation, Jeff Slygh, of Canyon, Minn., saved a deer that had crashed through the ice of a nearby lake. He dragged it to safety in a canoe.
Source: Huffington Post